What Comics Should I Read in 2022?

Whether you’re a long-term comic fan or a newbie, knowing the best comics of 2022 is a must. You’ll need to know where to go to catch up with the most captivating entertainment from budding and established comics. Here’s some information on finding out what’s popular and likely to be the best choice for you. 

Different Types of Comics

The comic realm grows vastly every day, and it offers something amazing for everyone. There are many genres, styles, and types of comics from which you can choose your entertainment. Superhero comics are among the most popular because they reignite childhood fantasies of a benefactor with super-human strength who can save people in danger. People still enjoy reading DC and Marvel comics. Thus, you might find joy in grabbing some "Batman," "Superman," "Ironman," or "Hulk" comics. 

You might like something like "The Boondocks" if you’re looking for something more cultural. "The Boondocks" is an African-American collection that started as a comic strip in 1996, and thus, it’s a classic and a cultural comic. 

Horror and Sci-Fi are additional comic genres, and "Haunted Love" and "Swamp Monsters" are examples of such comics. You might also be interested in straight humor or a non-fictional comic that tells you about someone’s life exactly how it is. "The Beginning of the American Fail" is an example of a non-fiction comic you might like. Humor is slightly different because it can cross several genres, like classic and non-fiction. With so many comic choices, it’s understandable that you might not know where to start. 

How To Find Comics To Read in 2022

Finding must-read comics in 2022 isn’t hard, but it depends on how you want to conduct your search. Other people’s top comic lists are always great because they can give you a starting point, and you can read their lists and the comic descriptions to see if you’re interested in knowing more. 

You can also search to see if you can find an old-fashioned comic book store in your town. They still exist, and you might just be one of the lucky people with one in your neighborhood. There, you can talk to a comic expert in person and get the scoop on must read comics in 2022. Visiting a physical location is great because you can meet new people who share your interests, and you might even find a friend through the experience. 

Online comic stores have grown over the past decade, too. Therefore, you can check out a "best seller’s" list to determine what’s hot out of the smorgasbord of comics available.  

Comic Books To Read in 2022

The top 10 comics of 2022 are mostly related to superheroes. Hulk, Thor, Batman, and Venom all made it to the list of fan favorites. "Scott Snyder’s Dark Spaces" is an excellent action with a slight horror element. The choices are endless, and you’ll always have something entertaining to read. 

Now you know how to get started or continue your journey of reading amazing comics. You can start looking for some excellent pieces of material starting today.