Choosing the Best Board Games for Family Game Nights

When it comes to spending time with family, board games are a great way to get everyone together for some fun! Wondering how to choose the best board games for your family? We’ve got everything you need to know right here. 

Classic board games

Many parents love to experience the joy that they had as children with their kids. An easy way to do this is by introducing them to beloved childhood board games. Whether it’s Monopoly, Parcheesi, or Risk, bringing back some classic board games is a wonderful way to share parents’ experiences with the next generation.  

With a game like Clue, gamers will be on the edge of their seats as they try to solve the murder mystery. This classic hasn’t been around as long as some other classic board games, but it’s been a family favorite for decades.

If older children are in the group, a classic like Trivial Pursuit can be a great option. It challenges their intellect and knowledge recall while keeping things light and fun. The family edition provides questions for both kids and adults, making it a great way for the entire family to feel challenged. 

In addition to the nostalgia factor, these games continue to be popular today because they are a lot of fun! Introducing the next generation to them is also a great way to gain a new perspective. 

Fun for the whole family!

In addition to the old-time favorites, there’s a great crop of newer board games to check out. One great way to ensure that everyone is looking forward to game night is to have a rotating schedule of who gets to choose the game. This lets everyone feel involved and also lets them share their favorite games with the entire family. 

If your family is ready to try out some new options that you’re not sure your family will love? Purchasing some used games from a thrift store or yard sale is a fantastic way to check out new games without breaking the bank. Trying out new games is an effective way to keep things interesting and help younger kids stay involved.

Take a look at the age recommendations provided by the manufacturer, as they are usually spot on and a good guide to choosing a game that’s right for all involved. Younger kids may want to break off into a smaller group and enjoy games like Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders. Having a game that’s too involved or complicated can likely end up in frustration.

Some of today’s most popular games, like Catan, are now offering a kid’s version too. This is an effective way to meet everyone’s needs. If there is a wide range of different ages in the group, it makes sense to split into smaller groups so that everyone can join in the fun. 

Make your next family evening together even more fun by introducing some board games into the mix!