Tips for Storing Your Comic Books

Proper storage can ensure your comic books retain their value for years to come. Improper storage, on the other hand could result in bending, water damage and other forms of deterioration. Protecting and preserving a collection is one of the main goals of most comic collectors, which is why we’ve provided several tips for comic storage below.

Place your comics in bags and boards

Bags and boards are a staple of any comic book collector. These inexpensive storage options offer a first layer of protection for your comics. You can buy them in bulk from most comic book stores or online comic book retailers.

Simply place the board into the thin plastic bag before carefully inserting your comic book. Be sure to do this in a clean, dry place to avoid dust and other contaminants entering the bag. Avoid having any drinks or other liquids nearby, and wash your hands before starting. If you’re serious about preserving your comics and want to avoid transferring oil from your fingers, invest in nitrile gloves or finger cots.

Invest in a top-quality storage box

After placing your comics in bags and boards, you’ll want to put them into a storage box. Storage boxes are cardboard containers specially designed for comic book storage. You can pick them up at most comic stores as well as through online retailers. They come in a short box version, which holds around 150 comics, and a long box version that holds around 225.

While storage boxes are the most common method for protecting comic books, there are several other great options, including accordion organizers, magazine file holders and comic book bins. Just be sure to research any storage option you’re considering.

Find the perfect storage spot

Certain comic books increase greatly in value over time, but only if they stay in good quality. While bags, boards and boxes offer great protection, it’s also essential to store your comics in a safe place. For example, avoid placing them in moist areas or places with potential for leaks, including basements and attics. Additionally, keep them somewhere that doesn’t get too warm or cold.

The best place for your comics is somewhere away from direct sunlight. You should also avoid areas with heightened potential for pests. Finally, don’t stack piles of other things on top of your storage boxes.

Take care of your comic books

Over time, some people develop a small fortune from their comic book collection. Some of the rarest comics can go for millions of dollars. While those comics are extremely rare, you may have a few worth several hundred or even several thousand dollars in your collection. That’s why it’s important to always keep your comics safe. Follow the storage tips above and your comics are sure to retain their integrity for a long time.

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