Tips for Displaying Your Trading Cards

There’s nothing wrong with showing off your most valuable trading cards. You just need to be sure to display them properly. Creating a professional display for trading cards is easy and fun to do—all you need is the right supplies and tools. You’ll also want to be extremely careful so as to not damage your cards when mounting them.

Read on, if you need some tips for displaying your trading cards:

  • Display them on the wall: If you’re looking for the perfect decoration for your man cave, consider mounting your prized baseball cards on the wall. First, put them in a protective casing and possibly a frame. Find the perfect spot on the wall for your cards, then mount them. You could even create a unique design using several cards. Just be careful to avoid puncturing your cards when nailing them.
  • Build a shelf: Shelves are easy to build and offer the perfect storage options for your trading cards. Visit your local hardware store and pick up the right supplies, which should include a few wood planks, nails, brackets and a hammer. Building a wall shelf is easy, though you might consider working with a professional if you want to save some time and energy.
  • Invest in wall mounts: Top-quality wall mounts are inexpensive and easy to find. Check your local collectibles shop or an online retailer. There are both glass and plastic versions of wall mounts. Simply place your trading cards into a wall mount, then place them on the wall. Set up several trading cards for one of the most professional-looking displays.
  • Find a high-quality wall holder: Wall holders are a popular option for displaying trading cards. These wooden frames feature several rows where you can professionally display many different trading cards. After placing your cards in a wall holder, simply mount the holder itself to your wall. Wall holders not only look great, but also offer excellent protection for your trading cards.
  • Use mounting putty: Some people prefer to avoid putting holes in their walls with nails and other mounting supplies. If you’re one of those people, consider using mounting putty instead. This material will easily stick to the back of your trading cards’ hard protective covering, allowing you to mount them just about anywhere on the wall. Keep in mind that putty can sometimes pull paint off the wall when being removed.

Things to remember

There are several things you’ll want to consider before using any of the above tips for displaying your trading cards. First, make sure to mount your cards in a spot away from potential leaks. Even the smallest bit of water could destroy your cards. You should also keep them out of areas with fluctuating temperatures or high moisture levels.

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