Why Are So Many TV Shows Coming Out Based on Comic Books?

Why is the popularity of comics booming, and why are so many comic books being turned into tv shows? Let’s look at some reasons some of the popular shows you watch have their roots in comics.

1. There Are Many Comic Books

Essentially, the comic book industry is very vast. There are a lot of different titles that people can choose from. This means that there is a title for almost everyone. In addition, many of these comics have been around for decades, giving the creators of these shows a lot to work with when creating them. That is why we see many old favorites, such as Batman and Superman, being turned into TV shows.

2. The Stories in Comic Books Are Engaging

Another reason we are seeing so many tv shows based on comic books is that the stories in these comics are engaging. They usually have a lot of action and adventure, which people love to watch. In addition, many of these stories are serialized, meaning they can be continued for multiple seasons. This is perfect for TV shows, which need a lot of content to fill up their air time.

3. Comic Books Have a Large Fanbase

One of the main reasons we see so many TV shows based on comic books is because these comics have a large fanbase. This means that there is already a built-in audience for these shows. Also, this fanbase is usually very passionate about their favorite comics. This can help create a lot of buzz around a show, leading to higher ratings.

3. Comic Books Have Relevant Stories

Today, people are looking for relevancy in the stories that they watch, Which is something that comic books often have. Many of these stories deal with relevant issues, such as crime, corruption, and inequality. These are all issues that people deal with in their everyday lives. As a result, they are drawn to these types of stories.

4. Comic Books Are a Visual Medium

Another reason why comic books make great TV shows is that they are a visual medium and already well-suited for being turned into a show. The visuals in these comics can help bring the stories to life in a very engaging way for viewers. You can easily imagine the amazing visuals that could be created for a show like Batman or Superman.


The current trends in TV show popularity indicate that we will see more and more comic book-based shows in the future. This is due to several factors, such as the vastness of the comic book industry, the engaging stories that these comics tell, and the built-in fanbase that these comics have. Contact The Book Broker to learn more about comic books.