5 Reasons Why You Should Start Collecting Vinyl Records

Listening to music is one of the rare pleasures in life. No matter the race, nationality, religion, political views, or social status, anyone can find a music genre that he or she really likes and is passionate about. Many music lovers have their unique collections of vinyl records. An interesting fact is that even though we went from records to cassettes to CDs and MP3s and streaming, vinyl records are becoming more and more popular today. Here is a list of reasons why you should start collecting vinyls like other music lovers: 

Why Should You Start Collecting Vinyl Records? 

  • You can establish meaningful connections. When you start collecting vinyls, you will get a unique opportunity to establish connections with like-minded people, whether in a record store or online. Collecting vinyls is not just about meeting new people, but also about establishing connections with your old friends and family members. 
  • It is fun to search for vinyl records. You may think that collecting something, especially records, is boring. However, it is actually a hobby full of fun. Some older records are very unique, and they are like gold dust. Therefore, hunting for them can be a very enjoyable activity, especially when you find what you were looking for in the end. 
  • It will increase your appreciation of album artwork. When you listen to or download music online, you usually do not engage with the impressive and unique artwork that you can see on and inside album covers. For most musicians, their album covers are an essential part of their work, so they want to make sure that listeners see and appreciate them too. In addition, many vinyl records have posters and unique lyric guides inside them. 
  • You will have an opportunity to listen to an album fully. Usually, people download sole songs, not full albums. And it is ok because usually there are only one or two perfect songs. However, if you like an artist, you should listen to an album fully. 
  • Vinyl sounds are much better. You want to collect records not just for fun, but also for listening experience. If you want to embrace the full experience, you should listen to your vinyl records. If you listen to them, you will realize that vinyl sounds are better than digital music, for many reasons, including the following: music is not compressed, the sound is high-quality at all volumes, and the sound is warm and nostalgic. 

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