Best Books for a Winter Day by the Fire

Sitting by the fireplace with your family in the winter is a special event. However, you can make it ten times more memorable by reading a good winter story. Your local book store may have a fantastic book to read while you relax with your loved ones. These are some ideas that you can consider. 

"Winter’s Tale" by Mark Helprin

The "Winter’s Tale" book is a great story if you’re reading to a family that loves romance. It starts with a burglar attempting to rob a mansion and progresses into a love story. You’ll have to immerse yourself in the book to discover if that love blossoms. 

"A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens

"A Christmas Carol" the movie is probably the single most popular of all the wintertime stories. Therefore, you might be interested in getting the book version from a book dealer and reading it while relaxing by the fireplace. It’s a story about enjoying special occasions and letting your heart shine before it’s too late. 

"Ice" by Anna Kavan

"Ice" will be a good read for you if you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic stories. The story takes place in a mysterious world of fog and ice with an interesting character who searches for a girl with all-white hair and skin. You might want to read it to discover who this mysterious girl is and why her hair and skin are white. It’s something to consider if you want to entertain yourself while you’re near the fireplace. 

"Snow Day" by Lester L. Laminack

"Snow Day" is an option to explore if you have a young child in your circle of readers and listeners. It’s a story about the excitement that occurs when children believe they will have a snow day. Two children become ecstatic about getting the news of an upcoming snowstorm. The news causes them to believe they’ll get the opportunity to build snow forts, snowmen, and other snow creations. The problem happens when the snowstorm fails to show up. Thus, the school doesn’t close down, and the kids don’t get to make any all-white creations. You won’t know where this story is going until you read the book, but you won’t be disappointed. 

"Cold Earth" by Sarah Moss

"Cold Earth" is a mixture of recent truth and paranormal concepts. It begins with three people traveling to another location to establish normalcy. Little do they know that things are getting ready to get even more abnormal, and they will need to band together to work through this difficult time. You can journey with them and find out if they make it until springtime or not. 

Now you have a good idea of some favorable books to read while you relax by the fire with your loved ones. There are many books in the world, but only a few are good enough to be considered good ones to read by the fire. You can choose from the books mentioned previously or start a brand-new quest to find some different ones.