Top 10 Must Have Commander Cards for Magic the Gathering

For Magic: the Gathering players out there, questions like “is dark ritual a good card to have?” and “is wheel of fortune a valuable card?” are fair ones to ask. In this article, we’ll cover the top Magic: The Gathering Commander cards below.

Dark Ritual (Black)

When you want to acquire mana, the Dark Ritual card is pretty straightforward to obtain and cast. No matter what phase of the game you’re experiencing, this card will come in handy.

Llanowar Elves (Green)

To help a bunch of other elves, add green mana; a Llanowar elves card can’t be beat. As a card, there are many different prints and versions of it.

Aven Mindcensor (White)

For any white deck, an Aven Mindcensor is a crucial card. After all, it can make it possible to limit an opponent’s search from a commander card to the top four cards in your deck.

Counterspell (Blue)

To counter a target spell, a Counterspell card is important to have. This 2-blue instant acts as the first of many spells in the game that set boundaries around permission.

Wheel of Fortune (Red)

As one of the original cards in Magic: the Gathering, this card has a long history of being a potent card to play since it forces players to replace their hands with seven new cards. This card is valued very highly, between $300-$5,000.

Faithless Looting (Red)

This classic Red card allows players to take two cards into their hands and then discard two of their choice. This makes it a great way to get better cards or let go of some cards that aren’t serving your hand.

Chord of Calling (Green)

For searching, the Chord of Calling is a wonderful card to have in any deck, especially those around 100 cards. This card lets users tap the creatures they have in exchange for a colorless mana based on the cost of each creature that has been tapped. In short, it can change the dynamic of the game in your favor when played properly.

Drannith Magistrate (White)

To keep those with the card from having their opponents cast spells, the Drannith Magistrate card is incredibly useful. It tends to be less expensive than other rare cards, but it still can cost a few dollars. 

Reliquary Tower (Land)

For a simple card that allows players to have an infinite hand size and colorless mana with a single tap, the Reliquary Tower is a popular one. While it’s not the most common, it’s relatively simple to pick up. The cost of the card is also not as high as many other rare or uncommon cards. 

Sol Ring (Colorless, Artifact)

For one mana, the Sol Ring card can be put into play. This makes it a popular choice for many users. It comes in many of the Commander packs. While the older, more exquisite versions of this card can be expensive, reprints can be bought for a couple of bucks.