10 Tips On How To Start Collecting Comic Books and Make Money

We all know by now just how lucrative comic book collections can be. Done right, you could be set for life. As long as you have a game plan and commit to it, you could be well on your way to building a high-value comic book collection. And after that, you could even start making money selling comics.

Here are some tips if you’d like to build your comic book collectable business.

Building Your Inventory Slowly

Don’t go out on a shopping spree immediately. Be diligent in your research, and be prudent with your purchases. You need to approach this entire process smartly if you want to go a long way.

Know the Who’s Who in the Comic World

If you want to eventually sell your collections, you must start by knowing what makes comic books valuable. Know about the artists and creators behind these franchises. It would have a positive impact on your credibility as a collector and seller eventually.

Do Your Research on Comics

What are the popular comic book franchises? Which ones have the highest demand? Knowing these can help you to create a highly curated inventory.

Find Your Go-To Comic Store

Find yourself a comic book store that can be your foundation for all your comic book knowledge. You’d be surprised at how much inside knowledge you can gain just from hanging out in the store with the storekeeper. Usually, they are fans and collectors themselves, so they are definitely going to be very passionate about comic books. 

Hunt Out of the Box

Hunt on your own, and outside of your usual circles. The internet is one big labyrinth when it comes to comic book collections. Dive deep and hunt strong. 

Buy Only Paper Comic Books

Paper comic books have a high value because of their age and quality. The material can be very delicate, however, so the more mint it is in condition, the higher the value it will have.

Attend Events 

Comic Cons are great for expanding your knowledge of the comic book business. Not only will you stay updated on the current trends in the industry, but you can also gain insights on how to run your business. 

Build Your Network

Like the storekeeper in your go-to comic book shop, other fans collectors would also have great insights and knowledge not only on comic books but also the business of it.

Learn the Grading System

This is a must if you want to eventually sell your collections. It directly impacts the value of your comic books, so you need to learn about these factors. 

Prioritize Key Issues

You want to start small, but also you want to make sure you’re starting strong. Prioritize getting your hands on key issues. Again, this is where your research and knowledge will come in. First appearances of a major character, first issues, and low prints are among the key issues you should be looking for.