Frequently Asked Questions About Comic Books

How Much Time Does It Take To Make a Comic?

The process of creating a comic book is quite demanding as it involves sketching, inking, coloring and lettering. These can take between six and eight months to complete for an average-length comic book. However, this time can vary depending on the length of the comic book.

How Can You Write a 100-Page Script?

It’s comic books facts that writing a comic script is almost similar to writing a script for a screenplay. You start by writing the logline to your comic. The logline answers the question, "What is the comic story about?" Then you need to create an outline for your comic detailing the order of the main events in the story. Go on and build treatment for the story. This is a more extended prose version of the story’s outline that reads like a short story. Once you are done creating the treatment, write your comic script. Format the script to make sure it follows like a comic story. The last step is editing the script to ensure that you have the best version possible. It’s okay to edit your comic script a couple of times.

What’s a Comic Book Reading Order?

A comic book reading order is a comic book list about a particular character or event usually arranged chronologically. In some cases, a comic book reading list can be set up in the order in which the comic books are most enjoyable.

What Should You Consider When Writing a Comic Book?

Firstly, you should prioritize creating a brilliant team to work with on designing the comic book. Creating a comic book is a collaborative process, and you need comic artists, editors, illustrators, colorists and letterers. Moreover, you should trust your collaborators and welcome their ideas and opinions, as this will make the final product much better. Additionally, you should settle for a comic story that can be serialized. Serialization is part and parcel of the comic genre, which is why all traditional comic books are serialized. You can easily serialize your comic book by breaking its story into installments.

What Should You Prioritize: The Art of Comics or the Story?

You need both the art of comics and the story of your comic book to be good. The art of comics and the story go hand in hand, and a comic isn’t a comic without both. Therefore, when creating your comic, make sure that each of these comic aspects supports each other for great results.

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