5 Reasons Why Comic Books Are Better Than Movies

Many reading enthusiasts often argue that "the book was better than the movie" after watching a film adaption of a story. In many cases, this is true. But when it comes to comic books, there is very little comparison between comic adaptation films and the comic collections that those films are based on. So many people claim to be fans of a franchise or a character when they have never been properly introduced to that character or franchise of characters through the original comics or a comic book store. 

If you have never given much thought to delving into comics of your favorite characters and movies, here are five great reasons why comic books are just better than the movies. 

Character Development

There is no way to devote the proper amount of time and attention to character development in a two-hour movie. One of the great things about comics is that there is so much time for character development. Comic book writers, artists, and readers revel in the joy of spinning out the story. They love cliffhangers and the anticipation of waiting for the next installment to drop. This all contributes to a rich character development timeline that a movie just doesn’t have. 


The backstory is the backbone of comic book characters. Unfortunately, movies based on comics do not really get to deep dive into backstories. If you want the backstory, you simply must read the comics. 

Character Connections

If you don’t regularly read comic books, you might be unaware of the vast interconnections of well-known comic characters. Although some comic-based movies bring out a few of these connections, the only way to get all the connected details between characters is by reading the comics. 

Plot Lines

When you watch a movie based on a comic or a comic character, you will enjoy one plot line for the duration of that movie. This is not the case with the comic books themselves. Comic books are published in installments, with different plotlines developing and resolving all the time. In essence, there is no end to the story. With each installment, your favorite character will always be going on some new adventure.  

Less Censorship 

Although not all comic books are intensely graphic, movies do present certain limitations when it comes to presenting content. Most comic book-based movies are attempting to appeal to a family-friendly audience. This means that a comic book character who is not family-friendly or whose storylines are not family-friendly will need to be greatly censored. Many hardcore comic book fans do not appreciate this. If you want your comic characters and plot lines uncensored, then you must read the comic books. 

If you have been introduced to a character you love through a movie, you can get to know them better and enter their world by reading the comic books that inspired the movie. You can find your favorite characters at your local comic book store.