March Of The Machine Set Review

Magic the gathering cardsMarch Of The Machine Set Review

March of the Machine is Magic The Gathering game’s biggest set expansion yet. It concludes an epic storyline, adds new mechanics and introduces a brand new card type. This set will surely be worth a look for players of all skill levels!

Early Review

March of the Machine is the final installment in Wizards of the Coast’s Phyrexian story arc. It wraps up the epic Phyrexian story that started with Dominaria United and continued with The Brothers’ War and Phyrexia: All Will Be One. Throughout the set, you’ll find yet another cycle of Phyrexia’s mighty Praetors, along with the heroes and villains fighting against them (often, on one teamed-up card). Some of these will be reprints from a curated list of legendary creatures, showcased in unique card frames similar to the “Retro Artifacts” in STX or “Mystical Archive” in Strixhaven.


March of the Machine is packed with new Magic cards, but also several brand-new mechanics. Two of them stand out: Battle and Backup. Battle cards are transforming double-faced card that represent Phyrexia’s invasion of the Multiverse and can be cast during the main phase. Each one comes into play with an ability and a number of defense counters on it equal to its total defense. These aren’t meant to stick around long, as once they’re destroyed their defense counters are depleted and the card is exiled and recast as a flip-side permanent at no cost. Backup is a new keyword that lets creatures put X +1/+1 counters on another creature when they enter the battlefield. At times, this mechanic may also allow them to gain extra abilities like flying, first strike, or even lifelink!

Commander Decks

Commander is a different way to play Magic The Gathering game, where legendary creatures and epic multiplayer games battle it out. These preconstructed Commander Decks are ready to play right out of the box and feature a wide variety of cards to match the theme of the new set expansion, March of the Machine. The set features five ready-to-play Commander Decks, including one with a Foil-Etched Display Commander, two sets of Booster Sample Packs and a Life Wheel. There’s also a deck box to store all the cards and a strategy insert to help you navigate the format. Phyrexia has two powerful commanders in the set, Kasla, the Broken Halo and Saint Traft and Rem Karolus. Both have convoke, meaning they can discount around the commander tax and progressively give you more tokens for each time they’re tapped!Looking to pick up some March of The Machine Commander Decks of your own? Be sure to swing by The Book Broker today to pick up your set!