A Basic Baseball Card Collecting Guide

Looking to get started in a new hobby? Already an avid collector looking for some tips? Follow our guide for buying, selling and trading baseball cards below.

You may not realize, but there’s a lot to know about collecting baseball cards. We provide all the information you need to find the perfect baseball cards and sell your old ones at a fair price.

Buying baseball cards

The first thing we’ll cover in this baseball card collecting guide is buying cards. Sadly, there are people out there who will charge much more for a card than it’s worth. That’s why it’s important to do a lot of research on the card you’re interested in before making a purchase. Compare the card’s price with prices of similar cards.

While some people like buying their baseball cards online, many people prefer visiting a local collector’s shop. Buying from a local dealer means you can see the card in person before buying it. Working with a reputable, local dealer also helps ensure you get a good price for your cards.

Trading baseball cards

Trading baseball cards these days is not the same as many remember. Instead of getting together in a large group and sifting through your friends’ cards, most baseball card trading is now done online. There are many reputable sites that host collector trading, including Blowout Cards Forums, Sports Card Forum and The Bench Trading.

It never hurts to check your area for local baseball trading groups. Check with your local collectibles shop to see if they have any advice. Most collectible shops have an expert on hand to help guide you through buying, selling and trading baseball cards. You can also check for any trading groups on social media sites like Facebook.

Selling baseball cards

An important part of being a good baseball card collector is knowing when to sell. Selling is another aspect of baseball card collecting that’s mostly done online these days. Many people use eBay, though you could also try selling via social media.

As with buying, it’s important to do your research on a card before trying to sell. You don’t want to end up selling a card for much less than it’s worth. See how much your card sells for on sites like eBay. Be sure to consider the condition of your card as well.

A local collector’s shop can usually offer the best advice on how much a card is worth. If they’re unable to accurately price your card, chances are they know someone who can. Always take a professional’s advice when it comes to baseball card collecting and selling.

Looking to start your baseball card collection?

Hopefully, you found all the information you need in our guide for buying, selling and trading baseball cards. If you’re looking to buy, sell or get information on a certain card, visit The Book Broker. We have shelves full of trading cards and other sports memorabilia, all available at fair prices. One of our experts can even help guide those looking to start baseball card collecting.