Retro Gaming Console Maintenance Tips

Some of the most popular retro gaming consoles include the PlayStation 1, SNES and Sega Genesis. Since many retro gaming systems date back several decades, it’s important to give them proper care. Retro gaming systems, games and controllers will only get harder to find as time goes on.

Ensure your old systems last for years to come by following the gaming console maintenance tips mentioned below.

Keep your console cool

Overheating is bad news for any gaming system, especially the older ones. That’s why it’s especially important to keep your retro systems at room temperature. If you’re hosting a retro gaming party, don’t forget to give your system a break from time to time. These systems don’t always run like they used to, and overheating could damage them beyond repair.

Another way to avoid overheating is by storing your retro gaming console away from direct sunlight. You should also keep it away from any other sources of heat, like an electric heater or radiator.

Keep your retro gaming consoles in a well-ventilated area so they can achieve proper airflow. Storing them in a cluttered area may prevent the vents from properly cycling air.

Protect your games

An important aspect of retro gaming console maintenance is protecting the games. Certain games can often be as hard to find as the consoles themselves. You don’t want your games to crack or chip just because you forgot to place them back in their cases. Be sure to properly store your games after you finish playing them.

Set up a special storage area for your retro games. As with gaming consoles, you should keep your games out of direct sunlight. Store them in an area without moisture and the possibility of leaks. It’s also a good idea to invest in a specialized carrying case for when you want to bring your games to a friend’s house.

Avoid folding your wires

While it was once common to fold gaming console wires, this can actually damage them. Instead, you’ll want to lay them out in a storage container, like a cardboard or plastic box. Try to keep them somewhere away from dust and other allergens. Put the storage container somewhere easy to find so you’re not searching all over the place next time you want to play a retro game.

Cleaning your controllers

Working controllers are an essential part of gaming, which is why controller maintenance is almost as important as retro gaming console maintenance. The best way of maintaining your controllers is by keeping them clean. Make sure you and anyone you’re playing with washes their hands before using the controller. If dirt gets into the grooves of your controller, use a Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol. Never use water!

Avoid disassembling your controller if you’re unsure of how to put it back together. Instead, bring your controller to a local expert in retro gaming.

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