Awesome Ways to Show Off and Store Your Vinyl Records

Looking for some great ways to decorate your home? Why not display some of your favorite vinyl records. There are many ways to display vinyl records so they work with the style of your home. You could even store a large record collection in a decorative way.

Read on for several great ways to store vinyl records in your home:

  • Place them on a bookshelf with other decor: Vinyl records can fit perfectly with other home decor, including statues, photographs and plants. Simply position your vinyl records on a bookshelf filled with other decorations. Decorating a bookshelf is the perfect way to show different aspects of your personality. If record collecting is important to you, be sure to show off some of your favorites.
  • Hang them: One of the most popular ways to display vinyl records is by hanging them on the wall. You can either put them in a frame or hang them on the wall as is. To hang your records directly on the wall, use either picture hanging strips or screw hooks. Be careful while hanging your records so as not to damage them.
  • Designate a corner of the room: One of the best ways to store a collection of vinyl records is by designating a specific corner of your living room. Place a small- to medium-sized shelf in this corner, and fill it with your favorite records. Put your record player on top for easy access.
  • Use a magazine holder: Magazine holders don’t have to just be for magazines. Magazine holders make it easy to store and sift through vinyl records. You can find inexpensive magazine holders at most thrift stores. You may even want to check a local garage sale.
  • Make your records the center of attention: If you’re constantly using your record player, consider keeping it on the coffee table. You can easily store all your vinyl records on the shelf underneath. Just be sure to avoid stacking your records on top of one another, as this could permanently damage them.
  • Dedicate an entire cabinet: If you have a huge collection of vinyl records, one of the best ways to store them is by using an entire cabinet. You can find durable and inexpensive cabinets at most stores with home goods, including Walmart and IKEA. Set up the cabinet somewhere in your living room or bedroom, and place all your records inside.
  • Install shelves: Shelves are inexpensive and easy to install. Hang a few on your wall as the perfect place to display some of your favorite records. Use a ruler and level to find the right position for your shelves before hanging them.

Need to complete your record collection?

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