February 20, 2023

2023-04-11 | 21:48:54

"Very nice staff. Friendly and helpful. Good selection of products. A large store."
December 7, 2022

2023-04-11 | 21:48:55

"I like the atmosphere in this place. They organize their goods better than other places I've been. Friendly staff and plenty of inventory."
December 6, 2022

2023-04-11 | 21:48:57

"This place reminds me of the old comic book store I used to visit in my younger years. Great place to hunt for an old collectable. I personally buy card skins to cover my DC NFT card collection. I have also shopped comics there. Traded in DVDs. And over the years it seems to be a lot more functional and organized."
November 16, 2022

2023-04-11 | 21:49:03

"Was a fun shop, lots of variety. I will be back whenever I'm in the area"
October 30, 2022

2023-04-11 | 21:48:59

"Neat resale store with records, books, dvds, games, and more."
October 7, 2022

2023-04-11 | 21:49:05

"It's a neat place. If you need a book, they've probably got it."