March 17, 2022

2023-04-11 | 21:49:23

"Ive shopped here for 20 years. Tom the owner is a great guy and knowledgeable about most of the comics. Chris up front is a good guy too."
March 8, 2022

2023-04-11 | 21:49:25

"Great place for sports cards and memorabilia. Also other trading cards. Tons of DVDs, books, records and video game stuff. Love visiting this place!"
December 30, 2021

2023-04-11 | 21:49:27

"Loved it had lots of memorabilia you could even sell some your memorabilia there if you like very courteous and friendly"
December 28, 2021

2023-04-11 | 21:49:45

"This place has a little bit of everything, lots of memorabilia baseball. Cd, DVD, books collection of toys, lot of haven't seen for a while. They even buy a lots of memorabilia. There even friendly & helpful"
October 24, 2021

2023-04-11 | 21:49:46

"Awesome spot with tons of books, comics, trading cards, action figures, and more. The staff is friendly helpful and knowledgeable!"
September 16, 2021

2023-04-11 | 21:49:48

"This place is AWESOME. The staff are super friendly and extremely helpful. Such a gem of a shop, highly recommended everyone check it out."